Upcoming Website Changes - October 5, 2015

If you've visited this site recently you will have noticed that it's been over 3 years since anything was updated. The stamp lists haven't been touched in several years and the reality is that I haven't done anything with my collection in that time either. A few weeks ago, I arrived at a decision that I probably would not in the forseeable future be able to do much at all with this wesite or with my collection. Over the years, I've invested quite a bit of time into this website and I'm pleased with the results. However, I believe that its time for me to begin letting go of the website.

There are at least three options that I can take. First, I could simply shut down the website and walk away. This would be the easiest option since it would require virtually no effort at all. However, the purpose of this website has always been to provide a service to the soccer stamp collecting community and I still believe that even with the current state of the website, it is a valuable resource. So, shutting down the website is not an option. A second option would be to try to sell it or transfer it to someone. While in the future I may pursue this route, it is not currently my first choice since I believe there to be a better option. The best option, and the one which I intend to pursue, is to attempt to give the website to you, the community of soccer stamp collectors. It was built with the intent of making it a centralized resource for soccer stamp collectors and I would very much like for it to remain this way. My current vision for this website is one that is used by you, but also maintained by you. If this can be accomplished (and I think it can) all of the content from the lists to the links to the articles, would be updated, maintained, and moderated by the community of users. In order to do this, there will be a need to implement many new features into the website and this will probably take quite a bit of time and will need to be done in phases.

As I've considered this idea over the past few weeks, I've come to the conclusion that one of the first things the website will need is a User Authentication system. I believe this to be a necessary first step in order to make sure that those who use the site have something of vested interest in it and won't be as prone to abuse the site. I'm not speaking of a charge to use the site, but rather of a cost of time and energy to register to become a member. I don't know when I'll be able to implement this, but you will know when it happens because you'll be required to login. Once that step is done, I'll fill you in on the next phase.

I want to thank all of you who have taken the time over the years to email with suggestions and corrections. I wish that I had been able to be more diligent in using the information you provided. Hopefully, this new direction of the website will remove me as the middle man and allow the information to flow directly to the website for the benefit of the collecting community. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or suggestions concerning the new direction of the website please feel free to contact me. Enjoy the website and happy collecting!
Jul 27, 2010: Great Britain, 2012 Olympic Games in London
Jun 28, 2010: Slovenia, 2010 World Cup in South Africa
Jun 26, 2010: San Marino, Soccer
Jun 26, 2010: San Marino, 2009 Italian Soccer Championships
Jun 25, 2010: Chile, 2010 World Cup in South Africa
Jun 24, 2010: Italy, 2009 Italian Soccer League Champions
Jun 14, 2010: Belgium, 2010 World Cup in South Africa
Jun 13, 2010: France, 2010 World Cup in South Africa
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