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Website Status - October 23, 2017

Issues Listings - IT IS DONE!! I have finally finished rescanning all of the stamp issues. This was a project that was begun in late February 2010 so it has taken over seven years to complete. For the final update, 459 new or improved images through the country of Zimbabwe have been uploaded to the website. This means that more time can be devoted to other website projects. The next scanning project will be to scan my postal history items and append them to their respective stamp listings. The next major list update will be to create a Cancel/Meter/Slogan list. Work has begun on that, but there are many aspects to it such as identifying issues to include, compiling the list, formalizing the inclusion criteria, and creating the data template.

Articles - No updates at this time.

Literature Reviews - In an effort to improve and update the content on the site, I wrote another literature review. The book in question was titled "Football in Philately" and was written by Moisei Levin and published in Russia in 1970. If you are interested in reading the review of a book I am unable to read due to a language barrier, click here.

Exhibits - A total of 4 new online exhibits have been added recently. First, there is an exhibit focusing on Romanian soccer philately created by Andrea Kallai. Next, there is a wonderful exhibit called Olympic and World Football by Georgio Sini. This exhibit contains quite a few rare and interesting pieces. Nikolai Penev created an exhibit called The Long Road to Victory which focused on English soccer throughout the years. Finally, there is a second version of The World of Football created by Stanislav Kamenicky. Each of these exhibits contain a wealth of information for the exhibitor or the collector.

Website Maintenance - Since the previous update, there have been several improvements to the website itself. Minor fixes have been made to the articles and literarture pages as well as several others. Perhaps the most noticeable update is the structure of the main landing page on the website. After years of neglect, I finally took the time to improve the main landing page of the website. Links to recent improvements were added and the formatting of the central portion has been updated. Finally, Illegal Postal Issues can now be selected on the Search page. The Cancels/Meters/Slogans option is still disabled until the display pages have been created.
   Jun 05, 2008: Austria SS - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   May 05, 2008: Austria Stamp - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   Apr 29, 2008: Austria ATM - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   Mar 13, 2008: Germany (West) Postal Card - 2008 European Soccer Championships
   Mar 12, 2008: Austria Stamp - 2008 European Soccer Championships
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   Feb 5, 2005:  1925 Hungary Color Variety: An Analysis
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   Oct 17, 2017:  Football in Philately New
 More Literature Reviews

   Oct 8, 2017:  The World of Football New
   Oct 7, 2017:  World Cup Championships - Romanian Issues 1966-2006 New
   Oct 7, 2017:  Olympic and World Football New
   Oct 6, 2017:  The Long Road to Victory New
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   Oct 18, 2017:  List Page refreshed; Search page enhanced; Scans uploaded through Uzbekistan
   Oct 12, 2017:  Articles, Exhibits, Links Pages refreshed; new exhibits added; Search page                            enhanced; Scans uploaded through Tuvalu
   Oct 3, 2017:  Scans uploaded through Syria
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